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Namoli is a corporate cleaning service committed to providing outstanding commercial cleaning across Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney and surrounding areas. Consider our services your behind-the-scenes secret to running a safe, hygienic and productive office.

Our Commercial Cleaning Pillars for Success


We truly believe quality cleaning can create harmony within work environments, leading to creativity, productivity and efficiency. No two businesses are alike, so none of our solutions to your commercial cleaning in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney is the same. We tailor our offerings to your needs to make sure you see the results you want.

With Namoli, you can put trust in a cleaning company that is backed by big business processes, experience and innovative technology, but flexible enough to tailor our practices to suit your business’s needs and budget.



Depending upon your business needs we work with you to develop a unique cleaning specification for your site. We split your facility into areas and surfaces, we will then discuss the 4 cleaning options for each area that you require to be cleaned:

  1. High Touch Point Cleaning (HTP) – HTP’s are included for every area and is the basis of the cleaning service. HTP’s by default include: door handles, light switches, push plates, cupboard door handles, taps, sinks etc. We cover all surfaces that are frequently touched by staff, visitors, contractors etc and is the cornerstone of creating and maintaining a healthy workplace – these surfaces will be cleaned each and every service.
  2. Spot Clean – Spot cleaning surfaces is where we will clean only the surfaces that are dirty, less frequently touched or used. Examples of spot cleaning include: spot cleaning entrance glass, spot vacuuming office carpets, spot mopping hard surface floors etc. Spot cleaning is performed to maintain the surface.
  3. Full Clean – Full cleaning of surfaces is where we will clean the entire surface. Full cleaning tasks are usually performed less frequently than spot cleaning, in an office, full cleaning of desks, for example, would be performed on a weekly basis. Full cleaning tasks are more time-intensive and may require specific cleaning techniques or equipment.
  4. Deep Clean/Restore – Deep Cleaning/Restoring a surface is a service item that is usually performed periodically either Monthly, Quarterly, 6 Monthly, Annually or as required to bring the surface back to its best possible condition. A typical Restoring task is scrubbing or stripping and sealing of hard surface floors, blade cleaning of internal/external partition or perimeter glass and carpet cleaning.

Our experienced Cleaning Consultants will help develop a cleaning schedule by systemising the cleaning tasks into the 4 options above. Depending upon your individual site requirements, you have the flexibility to choose the cleaning tasks (spot clean, full clean, restore clean) for each surface and how often each task is performed.



As part of our onboarding process, we will meet with you prior to the agreed start date, introduce the franchisee, Operations Staff and tour the facility so we can develop a comprehensive service plan for the site. During our onboarding process staff will attend site-specific induction meetings, check storage areas, review access to hot water, waste requirements, security protocols and specific WHS requirements. At the onboarding meeting, we will also show you how to use our Cleaning Management App – Swept.

A cleaning inspection template is created based upon the agreed scope of works for your site with quality inspections performed after the very first clean and monthly thereafter by our Franchisee and Operations Managers. A schedule will be created so we can track, plan and execute periodic tasks to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. We have dedicated support staff who are available 24/7 for any client support.


More Than Cleaning

Namoli prides itself on providing unparalleled corporate cleaning services for clients throughout the Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounds. We’ve employed technology to give you peace of mind through service time tracking, inspection audits and regular reporting that is part of our specialised service and is included in all service contracts. As a Namoli client, you can communicate directly with the person managing and delivering the cleaning service, our Franchisee, for all of your day to day service needs and requests. A service that is backed by big business processes and technology but with the advantage of small business flexibility.

Namoli offers 100% quality guaranteed corporate cleaning services. Whether it is the first cleaning we have done for you or the hundredth, our standards for excellence remain. Standing by our unique business model of “creating office harmony”, we truly want your workplace to be the cleanly and organised environment where each employee is happy, comfortable, able to be productive and do their best work. We identify each customer’s needs and provide a customised solution around those needs so that we can deliver a positive customer experience, every time. We use the latest cleaning technology to give you the best results possible, and we make sure every job is done right. We provide 24/7 support for clients and franchisees, and all personnel are fully covered under our insurance. We guarantee the most excellent cleaning services available.

Why Hire Namoli Corporate Cleaning Services

All of our corporate cleaning services are 100% quality guaranteed. Whether it is the first cleaning we have done for you or the hundredth, our standards for excellence remain consistent.

Namoli stand by our unique business model. We truly want your workplace to be a clean and hygienic environment where each employee feels safe, comfortable, and able to be productive. We identify each customer’s needs and provide customised solutions that deliver a positive customer experience, every time.

Namoli also developed a comprehensive multi-cleaning hygiene approach to prevent contamination, called the 4R’s of Risk Prevention: the Right Training in the Right Areas, at the Right Time and with the Right Chemicals and Equipment.

Our comprehensive range of services include the following:

Bathroom Cleaning

Your employees and customers deserve clean, sanitised restrooms, daily. We maintain day to day cleanings, sanitise surfaces, and make sure the restroom has a clean, pleasant scent. We also offer high-pressure cleanings to remove build up on contaminated surfaces, remove any soil or dirty water, as needed. We take care of stocking towels, toilet paper, and make sure all dispensers or hand dryers are functioning properly.


Carpet Cleaning

We provide carpet cleaning services, as-needed, in response to spills, flood damage, stain removal, odour control and more.  Our carpet cleaning process will remove any dirt and residue. We can offer Hot Water Extraction or Dry Cleaning services depending upon your carpet type and your particular need and budget. This ensures your carpeting is staying clean longer. We make sure the carpeting has a clean and pleasant scent. Regular carpet cleaning truly benefits your employees’ health and hygiene and leads to a healthier workplace. We recommend that any surface be extracted or dry cleaned every 5-6 months to remove dirt, dust, mites and skin cells that eventually wear away at the carpets’ appearance, create an odour and a health hazard to employees’ eyes and sinuses. We can coordinate our services so that we do not interrupt your business hours with our cleaning or by damp floors as in the case of carpet cleaning.

Vinyl Floor and Hard Floor Maintenance

Shiny, clean floors can transform your building! Namoli offers vinyl floor and hard floor maintenance, daily or routinely. Our floor services include stripping, sealing and burnishing floors, restoring dull or scuffed floors, cleaning and mopping floors, cleaning tile and grout, and we also offer floor care maintenance plans. If you have a high traffic area that must be cleaned, mopped or refinished, this type of proper care and maintenance can leave your floors shiny and clean and give it the face lift it needs. If your floors are looking worn or tired, we can reseal and polish to bring the floor back to near its original state. We can increase durability, reduce any marks or scratches with a glossy, non-slip finish. We offer daily mopping and periodic scrubbing services to maintain the look and hygiene of your flooring. Ongoing maintenance plans keep your floor in great condition and save you money as it extends the life of your flooring surfaces.

Upholstery Cleaning

We also provide upholstery cleaning services and can apply these same hot water extraction techniques to any fabric-covered surfaces, such as couches, office chairs and other fabric coverings. This is one way to quickly and cost-effectively breathe life back into your office furniture, and extend the life of any carpeted or fabric surface. 

Window Cleaning

We offer a range of professional, commercial window cleaning services that will leave your windows clean and pristine, with no streaks or smudges. Using specialized equipment we can provide window cleaning solutions to remove the dirt from glass, leaving it spot-free.

Waste Services

Namoli offer daily waste collection as part of our regular cleaning services. We can regularly collect waste from each employee’s desk or office, or throughout the entire building and place it in your commercial waste bins as required, adhering to your recycling and general waste requirements. Through our commercial waste collection partners, we can design and develop a complete waste management solution for your business, including General, Recycling, Comingled, Organic, E-Waste, Steel, Cardboard and Paper waste collection services. We can remove old equipment or furniture as well with our bulk waste services, so you are hassle-free, there is no waste smell build-up or potential pest issues.

Green Cleaning Services

We can offer your business an environmentally-friendly cleaning service solution. We can design a cleaning program using use green/ environmentally safe methods, minimising the use of chemicals containing VOC’s, carefully disposing of waste, recycling, and following as many sustainable practices as we can to suit your business. We are committed to managing matters environmentally, responsibly, from our day-to-day tasks and operations and onward. Our green cleaning services combine the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products with waste reduction strategies, to limit our footprint without compromising on hygiene or cleaning standards.

Who We Service

Namoli offers the above-listed services at any of the following properties:

  • Small Offices to Large Office Parks
  • Healthcare Facilities/Hospitals
  • Schools/Educational Facilities/Childcare Building
  • Logistics/Transport Industry Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitality/Restaurants
  • Service Providers/Sport Clubs
  • Shopping Centers
  • Stores & Showrooms
  • Industrial Facilities

How do we achieve the best for our clients?

Flexible Service Hours:

Most work is performed between 6pm-6am, depending on access restrictions.

Login/Logout Tracking:

We use a mobile App to record time on site.

24/7 Support For Clients And Franchisees:

We provide 24/7 support for clients and franchisees, and all personnel are fully covered under our insurance.


Namoli provides all restroom consumables such as toilet paper, hand towels, air fresheners, sanitary bin service and hand soap.

Cleaners Are Security Checked:

All cleaners are Police checked prior to obtaining property access. We also have rigid Drug and Alcohol Policy and Rules of Safety.

Cleaners Have SDS & WHS Training:

All cleaners are trained in Chemical Safety which includes SDS Training and WHS Induction Training.

Regular Cleaning Audits:

We conduct audits every month, our franchisees are expected to perform a monthly inspection with the client. Namoli Operations personnel will visit periodically to perform quality inspections. As part of our Quality and Customer Retention Program, we will also send surveys to clients every 2 months and perform customer service calls every 3 months.

We Use The Latest Cleaning Technology:

As well as colour-coded equipment for foolproof utmost performance.


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