Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

Why Us

Namoli offers incomparable corporate cleaning services throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounds. We truly believe quality cleaning can create a more harmonic office environment, leading to creativity, productivity and efficiency. No two businesses are alike, so none of our cleaning solutions is the same. We tailor to your needs to make sure you see the results you want in commercial cleaning. Just some of the amazing value you will see in our cleaning services include:

Greater Range of Services for Your Money

Namoli offers superb value in our service. You will get more services for your money. In fact, your employee’s sick days will cost your business more than Namoli’s services! We will keep your company looking aesthetically pleasing and presentable to clients. We will keep it running smoothly with everyday cleaning so that your workers are in a sanitary, comfortable space.

Namoli provides commercial cleaning throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas to help businesses create and maintain a safe, cleanly and hygienic working environment for both their employees and customers. We utilize the latest hygiene tools and cleaning technology when providing our services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed; we want to provide the absolute best service we can for your business. No matter if you are located in a small office, a large retail space, a manufacturing facility – whatever space you are in –Namoli can deliver the corporate cleaning services you need. 

Implementing the Best Practices for Workplace Cleanliness

As a professional corporate cleaning company, Namoli uses what are known as “best practices”, meaning we implement services that are thought of and respected as the most professional ways of doing things. We use best practices and methods in our choice of supplies, in our means of communication and project organization (i.e. See our Cleaning Checklist!), we promote the best practices for environmentally friendly habits and so much more. We also extend our best practices to after the work is complete, as we follow up with cleaning audits to review the quality of services our clients received. 

Offering Flexible Solutions

Our flexibility is one way we are set apart from other cleaning companies. At Namoli, we tailor our corporate cleaning services around what works best for you so they/we do not interrupt any operations. We can meet the demands of clients if there is a pressing issue that needs immediate attention. We can react quickly to changes of schedules, if need be, as well.

Well-Managed Services

Namoli has a well-managed staff. We take the time to do so, carefully, so that all regulations and best practices are followed. This is because we want our staff to deliver the highest quality services to our client so they can focus on running their businesses. We have procedures in place to train as well as to audit our staff’s work. As soon as a customer chooses Namoli, they can take comfort in knowing that their contract is being well-managed.

Fully Trained Staff

Namoli’s cleaners receive full training before they are assigned to a site. This training includes skills training, customer care, workplace rules, procedures and more. Our staff is professional and reliable, and is trained to exceed all expectations. It will include eco-friendly cleaning concepts, business confidentiality and more. All our cleaners go through this intensive training program before they begin.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Namoli offers a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your cleaning service, we will return to fix it at no extra charge. We pride ourselves on having satisfied customers.

Easy Communication with the cleaners

We like to keep communication open so that there is no misinterpreting work that needs to be done and no misunderstandings.  Cleaning staff will keep a communication log so things that are important will not get missed and our customers can communicate directly with Namoli’s cleaning staff. At Namoli, we pride ourselves on good business relationships and clear communication.

Green Cleaning Methods are safer for both your employees and the environment.

Not all cleaning products are the same, and some are held to a higher standard than others. Products with third-party certifications, such as Green Seal or GREEN GUARD, must meet specific standards and guidelines, which ensures they’re safer for both people and the environment. Also, make sure you maintain and review Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper handling and storage of the products used in your facility.