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At Namoli, we follow environmental practices in our services in every way we can. Namoli is committed to handling all environmental matters as responsibly as possible. This commitment shows through our day-to-day operations and extends to the surrounding environment in which we work in – your business. All our tasks will be carried out in adherence with the current environmental legislation guidelines. Just some of the ways we create safer, healthier workplaces with reduced environmental impact are:

  • Documenting and monitoring our environmental performance
  • Regular training for all personnel of best environmental practices, such as recycling, conserving water, etc.
  • Increasing company awareness and ensuring employees are complying with environmental policies
  • Focusing on the release of contaminants by choosing the correct environmentally safe products
  • Continually reviewing our process to ensure our impact is at the minimal level
  • Following sustainable practices throughout our organization

Namoli’s Environmental Standards

Combining the use of eco-friendly cleaning products with waste reduction strategies, Namoli Corporate Cleaning is perfect for organizations who wish to limit their eco-impact without compromising on cleaning standards.

Safe / Environmentally-friendly Selection of Cleaning Chemicals

  • The use of chemicals will be kept to a minimum.
  • Green cleaning solutions/environmentally friendly products will be incorporated in place of chemical solutions.
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning products will be used as per the Australian Standard AS4351. 

Safe / Environmentally-friendly Disposal of Waste

  • Careful and eco-conscious disposal practices for waste fluids and waste solids.
  • All wastewater to be disposed of in a sewer water system.
  • No waste will enter storm drains or ground water.
  • Any chemical spills are to be contained as best as possible and reported immediately.
  • Waste materials that are able to be recycled will be recycled properly.
  • All chemical containers or dispensers will be recycled.
  • Any batteries will be recycled.

Other Sustainable Practices

  • Ensure all electrical items are switched off. This includes lights, air conditioning, computers (if requested) and more.
  • Ensure any running water from faucets or toilets is turned off and any hand dryer machines are also off.
  • All paper products will be recyclable products.
  • Any new technology in cleaning tools used will minimize chemical/water usage.
  • Any new technology in bathroom equipment (automatic dispensers or hand dryers) for patron use should minimize electricity usage.

Namoli’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Namoli is pleased to offer an industry-leading green cleaning service. Namoli’s cleaning services improve hygiene, save energy, recycle products, minimize chemical use, conserve usage and products, and much more, all while creating a work space that is safe and sanitary, contributing to optimal productivity and office harmony for your business. If you are committed to switching to a green cleaning service or simply want to find out more about how it works, contact Namoli today!

Namoli offers 100% guarantee on our cleaning services, or your money back. Namoli prides itself on providing unparalleled eco-friendly corporate cleaning service for clients throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas.  We believe office harmonics – morale, efficiency, productivity, energy – can be achieved with an eco-friendly, minimal chemical usage, safe and clean work environment, which we can provide.  Namoli delivers peace-of-mind, with a handy stash of soap and rubber gloves. Contact us at 1300 626 654 or fill in the form here to learn more, speak to a representative or make an appointment! A dedicated Namoli employee will meet your needs and provide a customized solution so we can deliver a positive customer experience for you, every time. We provide 24/7 support for clients and franchisees; Contact us so we can provide a tailored cleaning solution for you.