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Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Namoli offers commercial cleaning franchise opportunities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas to dedicated individuals who wish to invest in office cleaning services that offer guaranteed income.

When you invest in a Namoli Cleaning Business Franchise you have the flexibility to make decisions. With your ideas and our support, you have limitless growth potential.

  • You decide how to run the business
  • You decide the schedule     
  • You hire the staff

Limitless Growth Potential with Namoli
Commercial Cleaning Contracts


Since 2018, Namoli has grown exponentially as a commercial cleaning service provider with cleaning contracts across multiple businesses, institutions and industries. Investing in a Namoli Commercial Cleaning Business opens significant opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

Why Become a Namoli Commercial Cleaning Franchisee?

Namoli’s commercial cleaning franchise will introduce you to a world of business excellence and growth opportunities. When you become part of the Namoli family, we support your business success through thorough processes, guidance and communication.

As a Namoli Franchisee You Benefit From:

  • Being your own boss – working for yourself, not by yourself
  • Low investment, low risk start up
  • 24 months replaceable income guarantee *Conditions apply
  • An established, trusted brand name
  • Excellent reputation in the cleaning industry
  • Industry-leading systems
  • Strong company relationships that support business owner growth
  • Extensive online training for cleaners and workers
  • Association with a network of cleaning company owners
  • Franchise opportunities in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney
Download Namoli’s Commercial Cleaning Franchised Business Opportunities in a PDF version!

By becoming a Namoli franchisee,  you will receive the following:

All Namoli Franchised Business Owners and their employees are trained and certified on the Namoli Process to create a cleaner, healthier work environment with advanced equipment and cleaning protocols. All are able to offer the Namoli Program to their own customers, including basic cleaning services such as dusting, disinfecting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, restrooms cleaning and waste removal. In addition to those regular services, as a cleaning franchisee, you can decide to further serve your clients by offering additional special services such as carpet or upholstery cleaning, hard floor care and window cleaning. These special services can increase customer retention and help you build a lasting relationship with your clients.

Quality of work and outstanding customer service are the most important values to Namoli, and that is why all franchisees get the training and support services from one of our dedicated and experienced trainers. We ensure that your workers and cleaners are trained to provide world-class services that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Our training program is rigorous only because we want to make sure that quality and excellence is maintained amongst our network of cleaning franchises across Brisbane and Melbourne. Our reputation for high-end services is driven by the quality of services rendered by our cleaners.

Our local support centres offer the following:

  • Training and certifications for Franchisees and their employees
  • Invoicing and collection services
  • Discounted pricing on supplies and equipment through our network of approved suppliers
  • Vendor demonstrations and training
  • Commercial cleaning expert coaching
  • Customer service support
  • Support to help you find new customers
  • Special training classes for carpet cleaning, floor care, and window cleaning

At Namoli, we negotiate national pricing for equipment and supplies on behalf of our Franchised Businesses as delivered through our approved supplier network. Namoli has access to a wide array of quality chemicals, equipment and apparel that are carefully selected to ensure performance. We can guide you through the selection and buying processes to ensure that you are getting the best, especially when adding special services.

When investing in our cleaning franchise package, you receive an initial customer base to the turnover of your desired Tier Level. We also strongly encourage franchised businesses to get customers on their own. Our ‘Namoli Customer Next Door’ program supports your business through marketing and sales literature, training, and bidding tools to help you and your team find and secure new customers.

Our Brand Promise builds customers’ expectations for a cleaner and healthier workplace and our Brand Delivery ensures higher customer experience with professionalism and consistency across our franchises.

Our commercial cleaning customers can expect:

  1. Consistent, and high-quality service
  2. Good communication and response time
  3. Dependability and trust

How much Does it Cost to buy into a Namoli Franchised business?


At Namoli, we offer franchised business opportunities to suit your budget and lifestyle. With a low-cost entry of $14,500 up to $50,500 and flexible business packages ranging from $18,000 to $120,000 per annum in Turnover, we will help you build your business.

How To Become a Namoli Franchisee?



A one-on-one discussion between a Namoli franchise representative and yourself to discuss your goals, answer your questions and focus on your personal journey to business ownership.

This meeting is obligation free.


Once you decide if a Namoli franchise is right for you, decide on your level of Investment and the Tier Level Plan for your business and let us know.

We will prepare our Disclosure Documentation and a copy of your proposed Franchise Agreement including all copies of relevant Forms and Manuals relating to the franchise.

This meeting will provide you with all of the documentation that you require in order to make an informed decision about your Namoli franchise future.

This meeting is obligation free.


Once Namoli has provided you with copies of our Disclosure Documentation, you will need to visit a Solicitor that will explain to you the contents of the Documents and Franchise Agreement. This is to make sure that you completely understand your obligations as a Namoli franchisee. Once you have received a certificate from your Solicitor you are one step closer to becoming a Namoli franchisee.

N.B.: A period of 14 days must pass between Disclosure and being able to purchase your Namoli Franchise.


After the mandatory 14 days passed since the date of Disclosure and you have obtained your Legal Advice Certificate, you are now ready to become a Namoli franchisee. Make an appointment with your Namoli office and we can them get you started on your road to independence.

We will set you up with access to your Online Franchise Training Program on the day to get you up and running as soon as possible.

With Namoli, it can be easy to become your own boss.

Why Choose a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?


Countless commercial cleaning franchise opportunities are available nowadays for people planning to build their own businesses. Across various industries, franchise opportunities have the potential to grow one’s business, however, franchises also come with risks. 

Commercial cleaning as a franchise is a smart investment. While all other businesses are threatened by different factors such as economic turndowns, natural calamities, technological innovations, and more; cleaning services show higher resiliency, especially in Australia. 

  • As one of the fastest-growing business models, commercial cleaning has a consistently growing customer base. 
  • Office cleaning contracts are fairly resistant and recession-proof business models, especially in the Australian context. 
  • Office cleaning jobs generate billions of dollars of revenue each year, making cleaning services one of the biggest income-generating businesses in the country. 

These facts alone make cleaning franchising a good investment if you want a business that will really thrive and grow. With Namoli, you can be assured that the service you will be offering will be valued by your customers and can easily gain you more clients. 


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