Defining a standard of workplace living

Our standards are three dimensional and not just based on the basic action of cleaning a space. They are focused across three key areas.

Dedicated Room Practice Standards

Every room and surface receives a special treatment


Restrooms must maintain a day-to-day or more cleaning standard across all surfaces to ensure complete sanitisation and an overall pleasantly scented space. When needed, high-pressure cleaning provides a deep clean and restoration to these spaces.


Kitchens require day-to-day cleaning to keep general surfaces free from germs.   When required, we activate deep cleaning activities beyond the essentials to prevent health and safety risks.


Vinyl and hard floor maintenance can be a daily task for high traffic areas. Good maintenance retains quality conditions and extends the life of your flooring and is achieved through general sweeping and mopping. For worn or tired floors a range of service area available such as stripping, sealing and burnishing to restore the look instantly and extend floor life.


Window cleaning inside and outside the building removes dirt, streaks and smudges. Specialist equipment can be required depending on your building and its location.


Carpet cleaning is a less frequent activity. Our standard recommends this should be undertaken every 5 months to remove dirt, dust mites and skin cells, which can lead to wear and tear, odour issues and health conditions.


Upholstery cleaning uses hot water extraction techniques to fabric covered surface and breathes life and health back into your workplace furniture remove dirt and bacteria.

It takes a village to raise the standards

Our business is driven by a truly collaborative community

The Namoli community works together to build a safe and healthy work environment for both our clients and our franchisees alike.
By supporting our franchisees and cleaners, we build strong and successful partnerships that ultimately create a better outcome for all parties involved.

Our success soundbites

Each business has unique requirements which relate to their industry or are specific to their working practices and brand guidelines.  We align to your needs and bring additional knowledge and experience where it is needed.  We know the little things make a big difference and we have captured some of these across a range of sectors.