Namoli are experts in the commercial cleaning of medical facilities. Whether your business is a day hospital, general practice, specialist medical facility, dental clinic or affiliated health practice we are equipped to respond to your needs. Our medical cleaning services are designed for optimum cleaning and thorough sanitation and take place in an efficient and timely manner, suited to the operational hours of your practice.

We know that a well-cleaned facility contributes to the well-being of staff and patients and we pride ourselves on knowing we’ve done a good job when staff aren’t talking about us!

Medical facility risk cleaning assessment

Namoli understands that in medical facility cleaning, making use of cleaning agents, equipment and chemicals requires precaution. Namoli periodically conducts a risk assessment process to ensure that both our workers and our clients are protected from any form of harm.

Your trusted healthcare cleaning providers

Namoli’s commitment to quality cleaning stems from our considerable years of working with health care facilities. We only deploy the most skilled workers and cleaners who meet the most stringent cleaning requirements. Namoli ensures that all workers undergo comprehensive training to not only meet but exceed the exacting standards of medical practices.

We value our relationships with our medical clients, which is evident in our investment in a highly reliable time-tracking and audit process. This process provides complete transparency in our service. You can see at any time what work has been done and provide feedback.

Implementing best practices for medical cleaning

Namoli utilises best practice methodology in medical cleaning to deliver a service that is on par with industry standards and in compliance with regulations set by the Workplace Health and Safety Act. This is seen in our choice of suppliers, means of communication, and contract management  (using Swept Software). We also ensure that every part of our processes is environmentally friendly. 

In addition, we recognise the important role commercial cleaning plays in the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) and cross-contamination within a healthcare facility. An effective environmental cleaning program helps break this chain of infection, by cleaning the Right Areas, at the Right Time, with the Right Solution, and by cleaners with the Right Training.

The Right Areas

Namoli develops site-specific cleaning schedules commensurate with the facility type and the environmental cleaning standards as outlined in “Section B1.4.2 of the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare”.

The Right Time

Our daily and periodical cleaning processes and schedules are managed through industry-specific software. Digitised checklists help ensure each sites’ attendance and provide evidence of all cleaning activities. As part of our best practice, our clients are provided with a portal allowing them to view service information and time tracking, and generate reports with photographic evidence of all services performed.

The Right Training

Namoli’s franchisees and cleaners are all certified through the “BSCAA’s Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping Staff” training certification program. This training program complies with “HLTIN301C – Comply with Infection Control policies and procedures competency” as it pertains to environmental cleaning of healthcare facilities.

The Right Chemicals & Equipment

All chemical products used by Namoli are “Therapeutic Goods Administration” (TGA) certified and fit for use in a healthcare setting. Each cleaner is fully trained to identify the correct use for each chemical and situation. All cleaning equipment is colour coded to further minimise cross-contamination between various areas of the facility.

Why choose Namoli for medical facilities cleaning services

Greater Range of Services

Flexible Solutions

Fully Trained Staff

Easy Communication with Cleaners

Cleanliness Best Practices

Well-Managed Services

Satisfaction Guarantee

Green Cleaning Methods

Workplace health & safety for medical cleaning services

A regularly cleaned and hygienic healthcare facility is proven to promote a happier, healthier and more productive work environment, and this is what Namoli guarantees with our medical cleaning services. Our system makes use of colour coding techniques for equipment use, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners and specially formulated chemicals designed for a safer, cleaner and happier environment.

We value the health and safety, not only of our team of skilled workers but also of our clients and their patients. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the medical clinic cleaning services we provide are safe and healthy.

Namoli’s cleaning audit process guarantees these conditions and makes sure that such a state is maintained all throughout the process up to the next cleaning schedule.

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