The presentation, cleanliness and safety of your school or childcare facility is an extremely important aspect of your business. Utilising an effective cleaning program plays a significant role in being able to consistently deliver quality hygiene outcomes to your staff, children and parents.

With years of cleaning expertise across the educational sector, Namoli understands the strict hygiene requirements childcare and educational facilities must meet as part of their regular cleaning programmes. With this in mind, our childcare cleaning services follow a strict cleaning protocol that puts children first.

Infection Control Packages – High Touch Point Areas

At Namoli we have developed a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection control program for early education facilities that focuses on preventing and stopping the chain of infection.

The most common cause of cross-infection in childcare environments is coming into contact with contaminated surfaces and inadvertently touching the eyes, nose or mouth soon after. As such, thorough cleaning of high touch point areas is a focus of our service.

Namoli offer a Facility Workspace Audit to identify and record all high touch points (HTP’s) within an area and the desired frequency of cleaning. Furthermore, as part of our service, we can provide a hygiene checklist that offers simple guidance on what you and your staff can do during the day or on non-service days to ensure the facility is kept sanitary.

Hygiene cleanliness services

Alongside high touch point (HTP) management, our cleaners will assess all surfaces in each area and develop a maintenance plan comprising a combination of the following:

Spot Cleaning – Identify and spot clean surfaces removing marks through damp wiping or dusting.

Full Cleaning – Full clean of surfaces by completely cleaning the surface edge to edge using appropriate chemicals and equipment.

Deep/Restorative Cleaning – Deep cleaning or rejuvenation of a surface including floor scrubbing, stripping and sealing of hard surface floors, floor buffing, carpet cleaning etc.

This process allows the flexibility for you to decide what type of cleaning is required and when allowing pricing flexibility for every budget.

The 4 R’s of Cleaning

Our effective cleaning program addresses not only the safety concerns relating to cross-infection but also manages the cleanliness, presentation and protection of the hard and soft surface assets of the facility. 

The Namoli Cleaning system is based on the following 4 principles, cleaning the Right areas, at the Right time with the Right solution by cleaners with the Right training.

The right areas

We will develop a site-specific cleaning schedule for your site based on the regular cleaning of high touch points, bathrooms and food preparation areas.

At Namoli we understand that each site is unique. We take this into consideration and develop a cleaning schedule based on your individual requirements and budget. We are focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for your facility.

The right time

Our daily and periodical cleaning procedures, processes and cleaning schedules are managed through leading industry software and on-site inspections to ensure the quality of service.

Utilising digitised checklists and GEO location services, our time tracking software ensures accurate attendance times are captured and evidence that specific cleaning activities are performed and verified.

Namoli Franchisees are required to conduct an on-site electronic Quality Inspection each month. A Namoli Operations representative will also periodically visually inspect the site and immediately provide a PDF inspection report.

The right chemicals and equipment

All chemical products used by Namoli are fit for use in a childcare setting. Every Franchisee and cleaner is fully trained in the safe use of each chemical, disinfectant and situation.

To ensure we reduce possible contamination between areas within your facility, the Namoli Cleaning System requires that all cleaning equipment (mops, buckets, cloths) are colour coded.

We always use natural and non-toxic cleaning products. We also ensure maximum hygiene standards are applied to play areas, tables, chairs, floors, toilets and change tables.

The right training

All Namoli Franchisees have comprehensive training across:

  • Infection Control for Cleaning and Housekeeping
  • Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Maintenance – Daily
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Cleaning Food Handling Areas
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Chemical Handling

Chemical cleaning and decontamination

We recognise that sometimes situations occur where a full decontamination clean may be required. As part of our proposal we will provide you with a fixed price per service to deliver a decontamination clean of your facility should a virus or disease outbreak occur.

The Namoli Cleaning System will ensure that you can consistently deliver a clean, safe and hygienic facility to all staff, children and parents, with the flexibility to respond to emergencies as they happen.

Take action now, request a Namoli comprehensive Cleaning Health Check of your early education facility today.

First impressions of the study environment count

While a Childcare Centre or School will have the health and safety of its children and staff as their number one priority, you cannot ignore the old adage ‘first impressions count’.

In a competitive sector, it is important that your facility looks effortlessly clean and tidy. Parents will be on the lookout for signs of meticulous care and with a Namoli cleaning program in place, you will be ahead of the crowd. We can guarantee you, your employees, children and their parents, peace of mind that the cleaning is handled professionally and no area has been overlooked.

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