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The health and wellbeing of staff and workplace visitors is important to every business and a clean workspace is a critical contributor to satisfaction levels.

Namoli operates in specialist sectors and understands mandatory requirements exist in relation to your business sector. We do not compromise or cut corners. Our focus is to deliver a meaningful difference to your cleaning experience, keeping everyone safe and well at all times.

Our Services

4 Simple Steps to Exceptional Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Requirements: We learn everything about your office cleaning requirements 1

Upon receiving your quote request, our team will touch base to get specific information about your requirements. The information we require might include:

  • The areas that need to be cleaned in your office
  • Suitable timing and frequency
  • Cleaning tasks that should be covered and any special requirements

Tailored Cleaning Plan: We devise and send you a customised plan 2

Based on the information you provide, we will come up with a tailored package that meets your company’s requirements.

Induction: We get the ball rolling 3

Upon acceptance of our package, a manager will be assigned to manage and supervise the commercial cleaning of your office. With your permission, we will take photos of your space and add notes to our mobile management system. With these detailed visual instructions, our cleaners will know exactly how you’d like each space to be cleaned.

Monitoring & Reporting: We ensure a transparent and consistent service, every time 4

Our standard operating procedures ensure that all activities are recorded in real time, producing comprehensive data on the complete history of your site’s task completion and audit results. Consequently, we can provide you with up-to-date tracking information at any given moment.

“Namoli understand our business and just get the job done. There is clear communication between the franchise cleaners and Namoli – they work together and I can see there is mutual respect. The service is agile and responsive. They are just good people.”

– National Transport & Logistics Manager, Bostik Australia, Melbourne

Join the Namoli cleaning franchise for a reliable and professional cleaning service, backed by a skilled and dedicated team.

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