We have redefined the commercial cleaning franchise model

Our experience in the commercial cleaning world spans over 40 years and in that time we have seen the franchise model managed in many different ways. At times, we saw that a lack of knowledge and care for the franchisee’s was leading to them being squeezed and unable to deliver an exceptional cleaning experience.

Our extensive discussions amongst the cleaning franchise community highlighted that the hours allocated to cleaning activities was not sufficient to allow the jobs to be completed at a high standard. Our approach places a reliance on good scoping during audit assessments. This dictates not only the timelines required but the tasks required and creates a transparent relationship between us, our franchisees and the client from the outset.

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We help you grow
your cleaning business

Namoli franchised businesses are independently owned and operated. You run the business. You decide your schedule, hire your staff and make decisions that work for you. BUT, we support you every step of the way and work with you and your clients to realise your goals.

Our collaborative approach
achieves best practice cleaning

The Namoli Cleaning Franchise Care Package

  • 24 Months replaceable income guarantee* T&Cs apply
  • Full training and accreditation in healthier work environments with advanced equipment and cleaning protocols
  • Care Centre Support with all business administration task from invoicing, collection, training and demonstrations
  • Local state care support
  • Marketing and sales support with initial customer base provisions to assigned tier level
  • Provision of marketing support and materials
  • Access to national pricing on all preferred product supplies and equipment
  • Franchise community network and support

Our Training Standards are High

Start off on the right foot

All franchisees complete the Namoli introductory training. This goes above and beyond existing industry standards to raise the bar on how cleaning should be done every time.

Accreditation Assurance

We provide our franchisees with accreditations for completion of our training modules and a bank of ongoing materials to support them in their roles.

Upskilling & Ongoing Training

Training with Namoli is always on. We have a deep understanding of the industry and our focus is on delivering the best cleaning experience and raising the bar for the industry.

Our Cleaning & Franchise Membership

Namoli understands the importance of standards and thus we proudly joined these Australian leading organisations in the commercial cleaning and franchising industry!

Becoming a Namoli Franchise Partner

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