Namoli understands that a clean workplace makes happy and productive workers. It also creates a great first impression for people doing business with you. We offer commercial office cleaning services in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.

Our commercial office cleaning services are guaranteed to make your office environment healthier and more pleasing for you and your employees. Our 30 years plus of office cleaning experience in Brisbane speaks of our cleaners’ expertise and our service quality standard.

Cost Effective Office Cleaning Service

At Namoli, we focus on cleaning so you don’t have to. If you are looking for an office cleaning service in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney at a high standard and competitive rate, you have come to the right place. We offer office cleaning services for all areas of your office space, including:

  • Office staff rooms
  • Reception area
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office cubicle and desk
  • Kitchens and toilets

Let’s Start With our Professional Office Cleaning Process

1. Cleaning Requirements: We learn everything about your office cleaning requirements

Upon receiving your quote request, our team will touch base to get specific information about your requirements. The information we require might include:

  • The areas that need to be cleaned in your office.
  • Suitable timing and frequency.
  • Cleaning tasks that should be covered and any special requirements

2. Tailored Cleaning plan: We devise and send you a customised plan

Based on the information you provide, we will come up with a tailored package that meets your company’s requirements.

3. Induction: We get the ball rolling

Upon acceptance of our package, a manager will be assigned to manage and supervise the commercial cleaning of your office. With your permission, we will take photos of your space and add notes to our mobile management system. With these detailed visual instructions, our cleaners will know exactly how you’d like each space to be cleaned.

4. Monitoring & Reporting: We ensure a transparent and consistent service

All time tracking, task completion and audit results for your site can be provided. All activities are recorded in real time and this information forms an integral part of our standard operating procedures.

What Makes Namoli Office Cleaning Services Different?

We care too much to compromise. Our systems, training and values ensure the commercial cleaning of your office space is of the highest standard. Namoli are one company that are happy to NOT be the topic of water fountain gossip. We figure if we are doing a good job, your staff will not be talking about us. 

We also have a focus on the 4R’s of Risk Prevention that include the following: the Right Trainingthe Right Areasthe Right Time, the Right Chemicals and Equipment.

We also devised and improvised our office cleaning methods that strictly follow the following rules:

  • We focus on using cleaning products that are safe for staff and the environment.
  • Our cleaning services are tailored to your office needs so that you only pay for the services provided.
  • Our cleaners are guaranteed to get the job done at the agreed time every day/week so that your office is in a good state all the time.
  • You will be the first to know should there be any issues. Our cleaners are trained to report any issues, big or small, at the end of their shift using the latest mobile technology. We will also begin addressing any issues if possible before they impact you or your business.

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